Milwaukee is defined by unprecedented speed, agility, innovation, and quality. They strive for operational excellence in order to deliver best-in-class products that exceed the needs of end- users. To generate such innovation requires people; both the professionals who will use the power tools and the creative thinkers and production teams that turn ideas into products. One example of this is the Jobsite Solutions team. Tasked with engaging with professional users on a daily basis to understand needs and deliver solutions that will increase productivity, this team, while just one piece of the puzzle, is certainly an important part of the product development process.

In addition, with established partnerships with top universities from around the world, Milwaukee is committed to attracting the very best talent to deliver innovation and be at the forefront of technology. Within the TTI Group, Milwaukee plays an important role in TTI’s Leadership Development Program, which enables the Group to build future leaders by enabling fast-track young engineering, sales and marketing recruits to learn and experience different aspects of the company’s operation. This college recruitment program seeks to create a talent pool of outstanding people to drive TTI over the long term. The status of Milwaukee as a standard-setter for its sector offers key insight into the vital role of innovation for such recruits.

Yet as mentioned before, a further goal remains: “disruptive innovation”. Disruptive innovation changes the game. Creating fresh demand and new markets, disruptive innovation is about delivering new-to-world technology and unparalleled levels of performance and productivity to the user, changing the way the job will be done in the future. Always striving to soar to the next level of performance has been a hallmark of the company since its establishment in the 1920s. Under TTI, Milwaukee will continue to deliver a steady stream of advanced solutions for the trades.